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Microsoft Office Classes

All of our classes are currently one on one. Group classes are available.

  • Hands-On Training

    Windows 7 & 10:

    Learn how to move around Microsoft Windows, open and close programs safely. How to take care of your computer.


    Learn to send e-mails; attach and download documents from an email; search the web; online security needs, and sign-up for a free e-mail account.


    Microsoft Office Versions: 2010, 2013, 2016

    Intro to Microsoft Word:

    Discover the fundamentals of Word. Learn about wizards, templates and add clip art to a document.

    Intro to Microsoft Excel:

    Discover the fundamentals of Excel. Learn how to use the chart wizard, create spreadsheets and basic graphs.

    Intro to Microsoft PowerPoint:

    Create a simple presentation and include screen captures. Come with an idea for a simple presentation.

    Intermediate MS Word:

    Learn to edit clip art and format pictures; format borders; discuss outlines; add tables and use mail merge.

    Intermediate Microsoft Excel:

    Learn to format spreadsheets; add or delete worksheets, and edit created graphs from data in a spreadsheet.

    Intermediate Microsoft PowerPoint:

    Learn how to add effects and sounds to your presentation. Add templates from the Internet.

    Office Skills:

    General Office skills including filing and phone skills.

    Resume Writing:

    Learn how to write a basic resume and reference list.

  • Class Pricing:

    Introductory Class: $50.00

    Intermediate Class: $60.00

    Resume Writing: $30.00

    Typing Tests: $20.00

    All Classes are between 2 and 3 hours.

    All classes are by appointment only.